HOOLIGAN tells the unique story of a young boy's brutal transition from football player to football hooligan.

When Mads suffers a severe injury, his entire world collapses and his dreams of becoming a football player are shattered. He can’t afford the knee surgery that could put him back on the pitch and he feels lost. Along the way he meets Lasse, a local football hooligan, who becomes his best buddy and his way into a raw and violent subculture surrounding hooliganism. Soon they begin to do drugs and get involved in illegal hooligan fights in the woods, while living a life filled with temptations and thrilling escapades. It's all a game until things turn serious and the boys find themselves in a situation where it’s difficult to distinguish friends from enemies and where there is absolutely no turning back once they've crossed the line.

Writers: Thor Wissing Lange, Christina Øster, Frederik B. Ringtved & Darshika Karunahara
Director: Emil Falke

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