Nicky has high ambitions for his criminal career, yet when we meet him he is a mere bottom feeder in a violent criminal gang. Here he performs the lousy day-to-day tasks such as scrubbing the toilets in the local haunt. With nowhere to turn he’s offered an unexpected opportunity when he meets the gang member Markus “MH”, who assigns him a hazardous operation that could earn him the respect he craves or worst case be the end of him.

Nicky takes on the mission unknowingly that it will result in his own descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind to become known as Nicki Nørrebro. As he quickly rises through the ranks of the gang he gets caught up in a power struggle where it’s difficult to distinguish friends from enemies and where there is absolutely no turning back once he’s crossed the line.

Writer: Oscar Giese
Director: Nicolai Achton
Producer: Anders N. Berg

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