29 is the new Danish breakout scripted comedy hit for millennials – and everyone else struggling with adulthood in general.
The two friends and main characters, Julie and Jesper, are standing at the edge of their 20s and staring into the abyss of their 30s, facing all the questions about life, love and work that come along with that.

Are they who they want to be? Do they live up to the expectations of themselves and others? Are you a failure if you’re still stuck at university and share your apartment with a 22 year old? And how do you tell your parents that you’re quitting your job and you don’t have a plan for what’s next, without becoming a stereotypical millennial? And what really defines stalking when it comes to former lovers?
These questions set the stage for the comedic situations as the characters navigate the uncertain waters of modern life and adulthood.

"33" is written, directed and carried out by Julie Rudbæk and Jesper Zuschlag.

"33" is the 5th season out of five seasons.

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