Immerse yourself in the gripping story of Sanne, who finds herself on the run from a relentless stalker. She endures incessant phone calls, windows being pounded at her workplace, and intrusive visits to her own home. The stalker goes even further, leaving notes on her car and sending intimate videos of Sanne to her family and colleagues.
Despite repeatedly reporting the stalker to the police, Sanne feels abandoned by the very authorities entrusted with her safety. Frustrated and desperate, she reaches a breaking point. That's when journalist Emil Eusebius steps in to investigate the case.
This is a story of losing control over one's own life and a flawed system that fails to protect stalking victims. Join us as we uncover the gripping journey of Sanne's escape from the clutches of her stalker.

Editorial Staff: Emil Eusebius Olhoff-Jakobsen, Cecilie Sønderstrup, Jakob Sloma Damsholt, Iben Antonsen

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